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Your Snapshot allows you to create one interactive pitch for your capital raise with the information investors actually want to see.

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One pitch, done right.


Pre-designed to save you time

Your Snapshot has been structured and designed by our fundraising experts so all you need to do is follow the prompts and you'll have your pitch ready to go in no time.


Private link to share your pitch

We understand how sensitive your information is. That's why you can share your Snapshot through a private link, which has a privacy wall to access.


Track investor engagement

You can track who views your Snapshot at any time so you know where to focus your attention.

The smarter way to pitch your startup to investors.

The value of design has been discussed a lot in the recent years. It's widely recognised that design is a critical factor in creating successful products and services.


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What Our Users Say

Alex Millar

"A great way to showcase the core of our pitch to investors while being able to track engagement"

James Ferrier

"Provides a good snapshot but doesn’t drown the reader in information"

Nishanth Krishnananthan
Vantari VR

"Succinct, catchy and great exposure as a teaser for companies and investors"


"The snapshot by Kaspa is great. It allowed us to showcase our metrics effectively and efficiently to potential investors. Highly recommended!"