The smarter way to raise capital.

Kaspa Pro helps find the brightest founders and gets them investment-ready and funded. Join Kaspa Pro to start your fundraising journey the right way.

Cohorts run every 5 weeks.

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How Kaspa Pro Works

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Complete the challenges

Complete each challenge to build up your step-by-step capital raising strategy & make your way up the leaderboard.


Learn the fundraising fundamentals

Start your journey through the platform to learn how to raise capital from industry experts, founders, and investors.


Earn points

Earn points from each challenge to move up the leaderboard. Each challenge will get you closer to the top! 


Aim for the top

We invite the top 25% of founders into our investor network, where you'll be able to connect with investors and track your progress.

Connect with your community

You're not in this alone! Connect with other founders going through Kaspa Pro to leverage their experiences and learnings.

Raise capital

By the end of Kaspa Pro you will be ready to raise. Now it's your time to get out into the market with your new fundraising skills and plan! 


Capital raising for the next generation of founders.

We believe all founders, regardless of network or geographic barriers, should be able to raise capital on merit. Kaspa Pro helps discover these hidden gems through gamified investment-readiness challenges and education.


Step-by-step program on how to raise capital


Access to mentors for help along the way


A community of founders going through the process together

Work your way up to score an invite to Kaspa's investor network.

We invite the top 25% of founders* who go through Kaspa Pro to join our investor network. From here, you can connect with investors of your choice, track your progress, and build strong funding relationships.

Invite-only access

To a large network of Australian & New Zealand VCs and angels.

Long-term relationship building

Engage with investors by building your story with Kaspa's help.

*Australian & NZ startups only at the moment

Hear what our founders had to say 🎉

"Great content from experienced founders, investors, lawyers and professionals who have walked this path for a lot of years. Everything was very up beat, positive and supportive from some of the best humans you are going to meet."

"It provided very practical guidance on all the aspects that need to be considered when approaching a raise. I personally found great value as we had a pitch deck, we knew we wanted to raise but lacked a plan on how to take this forward. I do now!"

"One of the best training modules I have done! The resources, presenters/contacts, facilitators and weekly video sessions have accelerated my understanding about raising much faster than I could have on my own. I would strongly recommend to any Founders who want to learn about the Fundraising process."

"An amazing opportunity to meet other founders on the fundraising journey. Here from amazing speakers and truly supercharge your capital raising process."

"I highly recommend the Kaspa Pro for any startup founder looking to raise capital. The quality of the mentors and the resources provided was really high and I learned a lot from the team. We successfully raised $250K pre-seed funding very soon after going through the accelerator and a lot of that was due to the information and support I received in KP."


What will I learn?

Module 1

- Introduction to Capital Raising
- The Investment Landscape
- Who are you as a Founder?
- Using Your Kaspa Snapshot
- What are you, vitamin or painkiller?

Module 2

- Introduction to Metrics
- Getting Your Capital Raising Documents Right
- Nailing Your First Impression Pitch
- How Will Investors Evaluate You?
- Understanding Your Market Size

Module 3

- Key Capital Raising Terminology
- Introduction to Deal Structures
- How Much Should You Raise?
- Perfecting Your Use of Funds
- Understanding the Importance of Dilution
- Valuation: An Art, Not a Science

Module 4

- Term Sheets 101
- Rules & Regulations
- The Importance of Building in Public
- Getting Your Early Champions
- Pitch Deck vs Snapshot - What works best?
- Completing Your Snapshot

Module 5

- Do You Need an Investment Memo?
- Introduction to Due Diligence
- Your Data Room is Your New Best Friend
- Nailing Your Investor Engagement
- Connecting with Investors


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How does Kaspa Pro work?
Is Kaspa Pro a game?
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